In efforts to avoid single-use plastic in our product packaging, we needed a simple solution that would be suitable for our organic cotton apparel and all of our House Brands merch.  
We wanted to promote an educational message through useful items rather than traditional product tags that are likely to be trash-bound upon receipt.
TREND with BENEFITS…Strings Attached not only meets our needs but this alternate packaging can serve others as an eco-friendly option allowing participating brands to tap into an instant cause-related marketing campaign: the use of each package secures the planting of one tree through 
Outer packaging includes: 
  • Branded burlap bag with embroidered tree patch. Makes a great re-purposed pouch for a variety of uses. 
  • Useable attractive 4″ round coaster that highlights the benefits of buying organic cotton
  • Trend with Benefits tri-fold info /contents tag
  • Custom brand tag of the packaged item
Photo of  three sample size  burlap bags affixed with coaster
small: mask  brand tag: Mask reality – #iWashMYHands infant onesie
medium: shirt   brand tag: duo
large: hoody:  brand tag UR Unlimited. /DreamUR
A note about jute and why it is eco-friendly: