Starfish Story

Inspired by the famous starfish story*, this enterprise is the canopy for all purpose-driven brands and cause-related campaigns**originated by Mission Possible Foundation to raise awareness and funds for its youth-centered initiatives.

All charities are continuously challenged to innovate new ways to fundraise, but in the wake of COVID-19, cashflow for many has become entirely unreliable. During these uncertain times, the situation has compounded as the need for services provided by nonprofits only increased, causing further distress to those already adversely affected.

In efforts to not be dependent on donations, grants and corporate sponsorships, Mission Possible created its own House Brands to foster collaborations with other charity partners and for-benefit companies, thereby expanding its reach and enabling anyone to support its efforts while at the same time providing other organizations a means for securing additional sources of revenue.

Our Brands

A branded outer packaging alternative, created in the spirit of ‘Mission Possible’, to help eco-conscious companies maximize their impact by planting a tree with every purchase while increasing awareness about reforestation and the significance of buying organic cotton, which currently represents only 1% of all the world’s cotton.

All of Mission Possible House Brands can be found under GR8R GOODS at

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Customers of our brand partners are engaged the moment they receive their ordered package.We pushed the envelope in providing the ultimate give back opportunity with a double-sealed mailer that beckons its recipient to utilize it for donating a gently worn pair of shoes and/or articles of clothing to Soles 4

Thank you

Thank you in advance for your willingness to consider participating in this give back initiative. counts on donations from generous people like you to continue their efforts in making a significant difierence in the lives of the people they assist. Hopefully this helps you too in clearing a little space from items you no longer need 🙂

Please note: Mailers are considered #4 plastic and require special recycling. If you do not have any items to donate, please visit and enter zip code to see the nearest drop-off to you.

For those who ship their products in boxes or already have their own shipping supplies, we offer decorative yet informative 4″ round coasters that promote the Soles 4 Souls partnership with Zappos for Good, inviting people to print out FREE shipping labels, no limit, up to 50 lbs each, for making a clothing or shoes donation in any mailer.

Including this useful item with its unique call to action enables companies to promote a sense of good will to their customers while encouraging much needed participation in this worthy cause.

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Help us create a meaningful way of engaging teens in purposeful activities that allow for peer-mentoring opportunities and a creative outlet for self-expression.

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